Monday, August 3



Silly Child

said silly child to mother one day
clouds must come from far away
oh silly child the mother said
those fantasies are in your head
the clouds come from factories
man makes the clouds and birds and bees
what silly thoughts of yours are these.

pondering for quite some while
I hope you're wrong said silly child
what of the ground on which we stand?
does mankind also make the land?
as the child's tears began to flow
I've seen man kill all things that grow
and if it is true I'd rather not know

If you wish this world a better place
said mother wiping dirt from child's face
treasure beauty and friendship above all gold
concern yourself not with what's bought and sold
then silly child to mother said
I shall treasure beauty and friendship instead
because gold can't come with us when we are dead.

© 2015 Jeff Ledbetter

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