Monday, August 3


SOUND TAKES #1, Letitia Minnick

This is a sound challenge put under our music challenges.

Sound Challenge #1 is made possible from freesound: waves1.wav by testingonetwo
waves1.wav by testingonetwo

Longing for Poseidon [Fibonacci]

Sea breeze buffeting
the laughing gull's clean white feathers
brings tears to my eyes.
The brine swells
and I

© Letitia Minnick 2015


PICTURE TAKES #4, Bekkie Sanchez

Face Off

Losing face...
exposed, I once again compose this weak flesh
into something unreadable.
Hammering smooth the offending lines
the new patches held in place by hot rivets
as I work on my iron mask.
The thickness of my skin, eyes down,
mouth set just so...
hoodwinking and confident of the disguise
feeling somewhat kopasetic.

© Rebekka Sanchez 2015

I animated this image it's not my artwork.


PICTURE TAKES #4, Letitia Minnick

Ishtar's Demise

Her face was flawless,
her structure sound,
her strength and grace were world renowned.
Owned by none but claimed by all,
the Fates decreed that she should fall.
Now in pieces strewn apart
one can see she had no heart.

© Letitia Minnick 2015


PICTURE TAKES #3, Bekkie Sanchez

Life Beware!

Steel mills belching smoke into the lifeless horizon
orange cotton candy clouds offering no smiles.
Through the evening soup the shorebirds flew
the glorious unfeeling sunset silhouetting them.
Black specs thrown up against the stained canvas
of a sky drawn into a death grin.
Life beware!

© Rebekka Sanchez 2015

Dan Elijah Fajardo is the artist of this image I animated his work.


PICTURE TAKES #3, Sabrina Ramina

smoking skulls polluted our skies
blackened clouds that hollowed our eyes
the sun stays cloaked in a foggy disguise
and we keep hearing lies

concrete trees engage the shade
while smog and fog play masquerade
huff and puff will blow our lungs out
and not one voice gives shout

but seeds to roots grow green the trees
and budding leaves help feed the bees
while the quality of air is better to breath
and the world seems much more pleased

so exist the lies that sprout
and many tongues stay tied in clout
but no one can deny or doubt
the importance of a clear, blue sky about




Silly Child

said silly child to mother one day
clouds must come from far away
oh silly child the mother said
those fantasies are in your head
the clouds come from factories
man makes the clouds and birds and bees
what silly thoughts of yours are these.

pondering for quite some while
I hope you're wrong said silly child
what of the ground on which we stand?
does mankind also make the land?
as the child's tears began to flow
I've seen man kill all things that grow
and if it is true I'd rather not know

If you wish this world a better place
said mother wiping dirt from child's face
treasure beauty and friendship above all gold
concern yourself not with what's bought and sold
then silly child to mother said
I shall treasure beauty and friendship instead
because gold can't come with us when we are dead.

© 2015 Jeff Ledbetter


PICTURE TAKES #3, Letitia Minnick
Fuming Fibonacci

is smoke--
there is man.
Convenience demands
the easy answer regardless
of guaranteed consequences, damages or death.
What human arrogance abounds...
choosing its comfort
beyond all
the rest

© Letitia Minnick 2015


PICTURE TAKES #3, Stephanie L 
Too Late to Cry

The air is thick with cancer
The streets are lined with trash
Greed was not the answer
The city rains down ash.

The corpses are a grisly sight
so many in a row
Even with a gas mask tight
The air will seep in slow

The children cry with sunken eyes
As black boots line the street
Tell the people, "You can't rise
Against our stomping feet!"

Those who try, those who dare
Get kicked and kicked again
Heavy boots made to wear
to reign the people in.

Thin and wasted souls,
wishing they had cared
Metal and glass once glistened
Now grey, no brilliant glare

Dead bodies everywhere
It's a cemetery there.

© Stephanie Ledbetter 2015